N’Komn-Coventry University

N’Komn-Coventry University

Name : (Komn) Komn Vayuchote
University : Coventry University


I had applied for post graduate in USA before with another organization but was forced to choose only several universities which significantly disappointing me through bad communications, services and etc. In my case, I had a hard time to apply post graduate in UK through pretty low GPA which is nearly 2.00. Everything was pretty rush because my family preferred me to apply as fast as possible.

What does P’ Tangkwa different from others?

In my opinion, the process of study abroad is about the same which requires different level of ielts, GPA, work experiences and recommendations. However, having P’ Tangkwa to assist me in this process was pretty amazing. First of all, she is pretty kind and has a lot of patience on me, even though I easily get hot headed and asked too many questions. Next, although my GPA is extremely low, but she still gave me various options that are appropriate and suitable on me. Nowadays, I am studying abroad in the UK; however, I still keep in touch with P’ Tangkwa. Therefore, I am very grateful that she is the one who has been helping and supporting me until now.

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